July 2011 part 2 089

2 responses to “July 2011 part 2 089

  • scojan Janis

    Hey-she laughed at your jokes? She told me mine were corny…I still remember because I had never heard the word before and when I asked what it meant, I was kind of offended until I figured out that everyone else told her that her jokes were corny-then it was okay.

    My memories with Auntie Jan are of course Kenny’s as well, but my best was going to Disneyland with her when I was 13 or so and my brothers didn’t want me along with them. We went on all the rides and she kept saying “Grandma NEVER lets me go on this one! Wait till I tell her all the rides we went on!” I think it was my best Disneyland day!

    I also loved listening to baseball games with her while she told me which baseball players were cute (I didn’t agree at age 7), hanging out in her room with her spray-on deodorant cans-which were fascinating to little kids, and listening to music…namely “Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care”.

    Everyone should have an Auntie Jan. Too bad for you, I’m her namesake, so I’m her favourite. She just bowls with you because I’m too far away.

  • So Here's Us.... life on the raggedy edge.

    Why did the fireman wear red suspenders?

    To keep their pants up… ROTFL!

    Of course, she laughs at my jokes. That was a classic and I told it over and over to everyone I met. She was the only one with patience to chuckle each time. Maybe because I would crack up each time I told it.

    The latest joke – a new version of “Do you ears hang low?” Just substitue ‘boobs’. I never said I was mature. With material like this, I’m pretty sure I’ll be the favourite soon.

    Wish you were closer… it has been fun to see her more often, even with the border wait.

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