About Us

So Here’s Us…
a busy family in the middle of the frustrating, scary, wonderful chaos that we call life.

In the midst of it all I’ve made a startling discovery: I’m a writer. What was once an occasional hobby has become a necessary outlet. So, a few times a month (or more) I pour it out for the world to see…from schmaltzy to smart-ass, the lessons I’m learning, and the things that make me laugh, and cry, along the way.

Life is messy and I hate when people shy away from that fact. My life has been messy. Teenage marriage, moving far from home, stillbirth, high risk pregnancies, another stillbirth, Down Syndrome, navigating the adoption system… and our latest drama – our daughter’s cancer.

Here’s the highlights: At 19 I married my high school sweetheart. Cliché and sappy, yes, but he is my best friend and we grew up together… actually, we’re still growing up together. We have 3 daughters and 1 son to help with that.

Some days it feels like we’re barely holding it together. Some days it all falls apart. That’s life here on the raggedy edge.


So Here’s 2014

So Here’s 2013

So Here’s 2012

Extra points if you can figure out the source of my blog title!
Hint: I’m a huge sci-fi dork.

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