Friday’s Favourites

Just doing my part to fill the gaping hole left by Oprah. Here are some of MY favourite things. I just might make this a regular thing…

Favourite quote: “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” – Eric Hoffer

Favourite “Mom” phrase: “Oh ya… this is happening.”

Favourite non-sentient being: my new iPhone.

Note – NOT the iPhone-S. I have finally found something that happily does what I want without talking back. I fully expect that one day “Siri” (the voice of iPhone-S) will turn on us, a la skynet. Me and my quiet, well behaved phone will be far, far from the trouble.

Favourite App – Remember those photo booth picture strips? I have one of me and hubby from when we were 16. We look all cute and sweet and we’re slobbering all over each other. Now I can take one anytime (and I do). So easy and only $0.99: Incredibooth.

Favourite Blog: This one is hard to narrow down. There are so many amazing/interesting/weird/compelling writers out there. She was one of the first I started to follow, based on the name alone. Funny, humble, inspiring and she has revitalized the word douche in our house. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

Favourite Books: This week, it’s a toss up between Stephanie Meyer’s The Host and Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Suess. Both brilliant. Both by authors who are famous for other work. Both are the best they’ve ever written IMHO. So if you like intriguing sci-fi with great character development (and a dash of romance) pick the first. If you like clever political satire and/or absurd rhyming words, read the second. Better yet, read both.

Favourite Christmas cookie – most difficult category on my list. Do I honour my scottish roots and go with shortbread? Plus, it is made up almost entirely of butter and sugar, can’t go wrong with that. OR do I throw my support to the sugar cookie? Which, now that I think about it, often comes with icing which IS entirely butter and sugar. Done, sugar cookie it is, sorry Grandma.

NEW Favourite Christmas song – I heard this song on the radio and immediately tracked it down on youtube. Maybe I’m late to the party, but seriously, the AMAZING Justine Hines will be reaping most of my iTunes dollars in the new year.

So here’s me, peddling other people’s brilliance.

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I'm a bookworm, nature lover, kick-boxer, candy fiend, sci fi geek, home body, progressive Christian and part-time student. I love my crazy life and the messy, fun, stubborn, silly, brilliant people who populate it. View all posts by So Here's Us.... life on the raggedy edge.

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