Friday Favourites 21

Last night I rocked my son to sleep for the first time… insert sappy sniffle… bliss!

He mostly smiles my way, plays for a few minutes, then runs to foster mom or Daddy, but when I “babysat” him on my own for an hour last night, we snuggled and played together. We had a great time, just us. The next 2 weeks we will continue the gradual transition home. It’s a lot of driving. And it’s hard to leave him each time. But it’s all worth it.

It’s an awkward, wonderful, strange and exciting time!


“We should not be asking who this child belongs to, but who belongs to this child.”

~ Jim Gritter

Homage to the West Coast

These are my people. This is my home. And we are hilarious. Portlandia is a show for anyone who:

a) enjoys mocking hipsters

b) enjoys being a hipster OR

c) doesn’t know WHAT a hipster is (and you really should in this day and age, since I suspect hipsters will one day inherit the earth).

I was pointed in this direction by S’s nanny, since Dumpster Diver lady and I share a catch phrase. That thing I say whenever S does something cute (usually involving absolutely-smitten-with-his-new-son Daddy): “Awwww”

I watched this with my Dad this week. I find it somewhat alarming that his only comment was “That’s good aluminum there, why would anyone throw it out? It’s worth $1/lb…”

Mom, this could be your life. Who knew Dad had so much hipster potential?


She scanned my thumbprint into her iPod. Very official. Kind of an “Alias” vibe. Lo and behold, my name pops up, along with the information that I am currently parenting 3 children with another one coming home soon. What the WHAT? How does it KNOW this?

An upbringing fraught with suspicion about “evil government” and conspiracies of sinful worldly systems kicks right back into play (embarassingly easily to be honest). My moment of panic is cut short as I realize L is giggling like a hyena. It’s a prank app. And it really works. Grandma was mystified that it knew who she was. Grandpa was spitting mad… cue Big Brother rant… Even Glen fell for it.

Fingerprint Security Scanner has given my kids their $0.99 worth of funny practical jokes. You can prompt it to say anything about the person who is “scanned” in. The possibilities are endless.


iGame Mom is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for great apps and ideas. We’ve used her How to Child Proof an iPad to help us sort out ALL our apple devices. It only takes a few seconds for grimy little fingers to create total havoc. S loves Daddy’s iPad almost as much as Daddy, so this saved our bacon.

Coming To Theaters

In high school I tried to read it in the original language. It seemed sophisticated and intellectual at the time. My french is not that bien, so it was just a collasal waste of time. How do you say “pretentious” en francaise?

It is one of the BEST stories ever told (Victor Hugo), and the musical version is hauntingly beautiful (Schonberg). Add Hugh Jackman, Ann Hathaway and Russell Crowe to the mix, on a big screen… and now I’m ridiculously excited! Coming soon… a new movie version of Les Miserables.

Seeing the musical live, still on my bucket list.

So here’s me, je suis tres exhausted, but happy this week.

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