The Other Man

There is another male presence in our home. One that we haven’t discussed in this blog thus far. He’s been around for awhile.

Not the one that pays the bills and eats the gross parts of steak that the rest of us cut off. Not the other terribly cute one; the recent addition who is shaking up the whole family. The is the Other Man.

He comes to all our family events, but is a bit camera shy.

He’s quite fashion forward, with more daring and frequent costume changes than most guys.

And he’s definitely the strong, silent type.

Meet Kevin.


C rescued him from the classroom trash and transformed him into the Other Man of the House.

When I asked if she was his Mom she was horrified. “He’s my dude. We’re friends, that’s all.”

Last week, Kevin must have been looking a bit run down, because he had to spend the whole week at the spa. I’m not going to lie, I’m horribly jealous.


He’s more than just a pretty face, mind you. He recently starred in this very moving music video. Personally, I think he’s got a lot of talent.

I can’t imagine a day when I will forget about Kevin or the elaborate suit (complete with bow tie and hat) she made him out of Babybel cheese wax. But I probably will, because there will inevitably be some new oddity for us to chuckle about. Perhaps she will outgrow the zany inventions and flights of fancy… but I sure hope not.

What did we do for entertainment before we had kids?

I’m sure it wasn’t quite this fun.

Except for, maybe, a spa…

So here’s me, designing a tiny little tux for Kevin to wear to her wedding someday… cause any man who marries her will have to appreciate that sort of thing.

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