Friday Favourites 31

I am finishing up this blog in the van as we wing our way up the picturesque Sea-to-Sky Highway on our way to Whistler for the weekend.

Or I would be if we weren’t stuck in Vancouver traffic. We have passed 3, count them 3, car accidents in 6 blocks. White PT cruiser meets grey junker. Black hatchback meets black nondescript mid-sized. Red car meets pole.

So glad we can all slow down and take a good long look. Pole girl looks so embarrassed. Trying to act nonchalant, “whatever, no biggie, I do this all the time… we’ll all laugh about it someday… please Lord let the earth open up and swallow me whole… my dad is going to kill me.”

Been there.


“The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.”
~ Aristotle
I’m totally pulling this quote out for my husband the next time a concrete post in an overcrowded parking garage jumps out in front of the van. It’s obviously the post’s fault, but we can be gracious about it.

Russian Dashcam Video

In honour of pole girl… it could be worse, so much worse.

And the runner up is…

Makes me glad to be alive. And not on the road with any of these people.


The friend who forwarded those last videos also encouraged me to check out the Bohemian Bowmans. Let’s call him… ummm…. Mr. McDreamy Hair. I quickly realized that I had read her work already and enjoyed it, especially her Chick-Fil-A piece. Jessica’s approach to parenting, faith and fitting into a new pair of jeans is funny and, above all, authentic.

She recently wrote a series about returning to church that was both shocking and encouraging. That’s MY church! Not metaphorically, for real. And these are my people (they may not be aware of my ownership, but nevertheless MINE)! I appreciate her guts in posting something both deeply personal and self aware.

And the nicknames. I really appreciate the nicknames.


I’m not exactly on the cutting edge these days. I still can’t bring myself to watch Blue’s Clues without Steve at the helm. This week I finally watched a movie that several people have recommended to me, many times. So you’ve probably all seen it already. If not, I’m adding my “Like” to the mix. A quirky take on the holocaust. Strange, but intriguing.

For a good time, do NOT watch this movie…

Hot Topic to Ponder and Discuss

This interview with Brian McLaren was a good follow up to the movie about a “perfectly nice” family’s participation in genocide. A discussion about Religious Hostility. What is Christianity to do?

Sappy Song

It’s kind of embarrassing crying the ugly cry while folding the laundry, but it reminded me so much of my grandpa. He wasn’t a perfect man, but he loved my grandma fiercely. He was lost without her those last 7 years.

So here’s me, in Squamish B.C. regretting this morning’s abbreviated nap time. The boy’s not a fan of road trips and he’s not afraid to show it. A crowded hotel room never sounded so good. Anything to get us all out of this van!

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