Friday Favourites 35

Life has been steadily improving. Despite a lingering cough we’ve overcome the worst of the flu and are eagerly (and by eagerly, I mean with denial, bargaining and depression) awaiting our flu shots next week.

Halloween was a success. The boy could NOT understand why we wouldn’t let him go INTO the houses we were visiting. He held onto the doorframe and tried to angle his foot in the door, then screamed when I pulled him away. By house #3 we gave up. But Grandma made him the most amazing crab costume, so he looked adorable. Like I said, success.

The girls collected more candy than any one person/family/small nation need consume and we are quietly smuggling buckets of it to Glen’s work. They are allowed to keep whatever fits in a large ziploc. I keep whatever I can stuff into my mouth when they are not looking. Everyone wins.

Hurricane Sandy Photo

You never know what to believe these days. It seems like most of the photos floating around the internet from Hurricane Sandy were photoshopped or of another time or place. But I think this is my very favourite one:

A close runner up is this REAL photo of my family waiting out the storm in Boston. My Dad and Brother-in-law had to put my one-year-old nephew in the playpen, so he wouldn’t mess up their toys. Boys!

Awareness Week

When we brought our daughter home from the hospital and word spread around that she had Down Syndrome people were very supportive. I remember thinking: what a great day and age to be born in, when so many people understand and accept this syndrome. Then my neighbour brought over a plate of muffins, patted my hand and told me she was “sure she’d outgrow it.”

Turns out, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know much about Down Syndrome or what it means in the lives of those who have it. I saw this video a few years ago and I loved it. Despite all the challenges my daughter will face, she has a bright future. Because we’re more alike than different!

Here in Canada it is National Down Syndrome Awareness Week. Now you know.

Way to Build a Family

As you all know, we adopted a child locally from foster care. It is not the easiest route to adoption (though probably the cheapest), and we are huge supporters of it. Reece’s Rainbow works to put children with Down Syndrome in families who will love them forever.

Christmas Gift Idea

I don’t usually sell things on this blog. But for this I will make an exception. It’s one thing I never knew I always wanted. Until now. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I’m a sucker for anything with meaningful words. Not only is it a beautiful bracelet, but it ALSO raises money for Spectrum Mothers Support Society.

This organisation is VERY near and dear to us. It was founded by Sally, the Foster Mom who has held our hand and won our hearts as we walked through adoption. She is the real deal, not only helping children, but Moms too. She and her team help and encourage young mothers, single moms, women in crisis and the like, in hundreds of practical ways. “Shining light into the lives of mothers when they need it most.”

The bracelet is made by her sister (Naturally Heartfelt) and on sale at etsy here.


“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

~ T. E. Lawrence

So here’s me, and my heart has a thousand dreams. One of them involves halloween candy that helps me LOSE weight. I’ll put it in the “unlikely” pile.

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  • Emma Dumitra

    Hey Mrs. Hoos! I’ve been reading more and more of your blog lately and I really love it. (It helps that I have a bit of a passion both for writing and for special needs ;)). Thank you for sharing what you share!

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