Losing My Baby

What’s it like?

Like nothing else
Like something I can’t explain
Like everything sad and profound and beautiful,
all rolled into one
Bittersweet love.

It’s common, but never ordinary:
A crushing, soul-deep pain,
A precious, primal connection.

Life spins on
Time races by
But part of me is always there,
back then,
Holding him in my body
in my arms.

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day around the world.

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I'm a bookworm, nature lover, kick-boxer, candy fiend, sci fi geek, home body, progressive Christian and part-time student. I love my crazy life and the messy, fun, stubborn, silly, brilliant people who populate it. View all posts by So Here's Us.... life on the raggedy edge.

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