Since you’re here, you must have fabulous taste. So I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of my favourites:

Favourite Blogs

These are some of the most amazing writers, thinkers and comedians out there. They write the things I wish I had written and they inspire me to be a better person. Or at least laugh in a terribly undignified manner. Either way, it’s worth the time to check them out. I add to this list each week.

Favourite Apps

iPhone, iPad, and iPods have become the TOY OF CHOICE for ALL members of our family. We handed over an arm, a leg and every penny we’ve ever earned to pay for them (okay, so Glen’s work paid for his, but the cost still chokes me). That in mind, we feel we must get our money’s worth, and the apps that people recommend along the way are helping us do that. This is an ongoing list of our favourite apps!

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