Favourite Blogs

Over the years I’ve shared a few of my favourite things, including some of the most amazing writers, thinkers and comedians out there. They write the things I wish I had written and they inspire me to be a better person. Or at least laugh in a terribly undignified manner. Either way, it’s worth the time to check them out.

Blogs that make life sweeter:

Enjoying the Small Things has been recommended to me more times than any other blog. And it lives up to the hype. Kelle Hampton writes about the small moments of daily life and all that she is learning about love and life through it. She is heartfelt, genuine and ridiculously likeable. But the real treasure here, are the amazingly beautiful pictures of her family (she is a talented professional photographer). I may be biased, but I especially love the ones of her youngest Nella, because she reminds me so much of my little B. It’s not really fair how kids with Down Syndrome are so much cuter than all the rest… I dare you to read  Nella’s birth and not cry.

Blogs to make you think Deep Thoughts

and actually enjoy it:

Rachel Held Evans explores deep topics with enough humour to make it entertaining, and the eloquence to make you really think. I also love her book Evolving in Monkey Town and not just because I’m a sucker for a clever title (Rachel grew up in Dayton, Ohio – site of the famous Scopes Monkey trial). If you are intelligent, open-minded and appreciate dry wit, you will love this blog.

Sarah Bessey living happily ever after one ordinary day at a time. Sarah Bessey finds poetry in the everday. Her writing is beautiful, challenging and inspiring. It’s not something to skim quickly on my way out the door. You’ll need to sit down with a knife and fork and really chew through it. She will not settle for the idea that women exist to be footnotes in the world of men. Nor did God design us to be merely ornamental. Or MERELY anything at all.

Caleb Wilde is not only one of my favourite bloggers, he is a funeral director. He offers a glimpse into the bizarre world of modern mourning. Nothing like unusual casket options and wacky eulogies, or Slogans for Death’s New PR Campaign to brighten my day. But most importantly, he provides an insight about life that only someone who walks with the bereaved every day can offer. Challenging and uplifting, because often life is seen most clearly in the light of death.

ErynFaye.com is a great place to poke around for thoughtful advice and ideas when you feel caught between one culture that sees sex as a cheap thrill and another culture that sees it as a dirty, forbidden subject. It’s neither, by the way.

Marc Kinna is my new and improved “Daily Bread” devotional. With enough humor and relevance to introduce a slightly different way of thinking about a bible passage.

Laura Ziesal knows what she’s talking about. The consumate student, she puts theology and faith issues into everyday language. She doesn’t keep herself out of the discussion, but shares from her life and her heart – and that’s always my favourite part.

Sadly, our extended family has more than a few addicts in its ranks. It’s a tragic lifestyle/illness and I’m left feeling angry, bewildered and completely helpless in the face of it. Sober Boots takes on this giant with faith, humour and the kind of wisdom that comes from “been there, done that”. Apart from the focus on alcoholism, I feel like Heather Kopp is someone I want to know and spend an afternoon gabbing with over coffee (for an introvert that is really saying something).

Blogs likely to cause snickering, giggles and undignified howling:

Although we may differ in opinion about the inherent creepiness of snakes, Becoming Cliche is one of my favourite blogs. I’m sure Heather has deep, deep, important thoughts… but the rest she puts online to make me laugh. On a bad day, she makes me smirk; on a good day, I’m reaching for the Depends. You can also find very important information there; for instance, the Comprehensive Guide to Passive Aggression.

Ever flip through a catalog (or wander through Ikea) and wonder “WHO lives like this?” Wonder no more… Catalog Living is “a glimpse into the exciting world of the people living in your catalogs.” Meet Gary and Elaine from Anytown, USA and the hilarious commentary on their “catalog life”. Now available in book format: Decorating Takes (Wicker) Balls by Molly Erdman. Take a peek, you won’t regret it!

There’s something about Amalah… the sarcasm, the self deprecation, the mommy jokes, or maybe the general snarkiness, that just tickles my funny bone (usually with the liberal use of profanity, so be warned). I’ve eagerly read posts about breast feeding and newborn supply lists, though I am not now, nor ever will be again in that phase of life – because if she writes it, I enjoy it. I initially found her, because she is also parenting a child with special needs and her posts on these topics are funny AND touching. Read The Friendship Jungle, really, go read it, right now.

Blogs that will do both:

 Jamie the Very Worst Missionary There are so many amazing/interesting/weird/compelling writers out there, but this is my favourite! She was one of the first I started to follow, based on the name alone. Funny, humble, inspiring and she has revitalized the word douche in our house.

Tamara Out Loud reminds me of King David, not because of his great triumphs (though I’m sure she has them too), but because he was so messy and brilliant and screwed up and REAL. I love writers who embody that earthy realness, yet inspire me to rise above it.This may not be for everyone, so heed the advice on her “Be Warned” page:

“If any of the words in the following sentence  offend you,

consider turning back now:

This blog sometimes gets all Jesus-y and shit.”

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