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Hockey Porn in Canada

This post is a product of my sick sense of humor and not at all family friendly,

but as far as I’m concerned neither is Hockey Night in Canada.

I wrote this to make my husband laugh. I never intended to post it. I was really bored because it feels like we’ve been watching hockey FOREVER. Remember the lockout? That was fun.


Today my husband got an alarmed email entitled “Gustavsson has a tender groin!” He opened it immediately. Because, apparently, this was breaking news.

Now usually he wouldn’t be too keen to discuss another man’s groin. He’s squeamish like that. But the rules are different when it comes to hockey.

As I write this the TV announcers keep me snickering away with beauties like:

Mason Raymond just couldn’t get it up!

He only had one hand on the shaft.

It’s still loose in the slot.

He’s got such a long stick.

He slides it in deep.

Men who wouldn’t normally pass up a “that’s what she said” joke don’t even seem to notice.

Maybe I’m just excessively bored. And immature. And hey, if you can’t enjoy sports, at least you can mock it.

Welcome back NHL!

So here’s me, cheering for the Canucks or whichever team means I have to watch fewer playoff games this year.

Anything to add to my list? Golf also provides some great material for those of us with a Jr-High-level-of-immature sense of humour.

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