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Ordinary Transcendence

Sometimes, it’s a good day.

As entrenched as our family is in the business of Not-Dying, we need days like this. Even a moment like this. To remember the point of it all…

To live.

To breathe. To savour. To flow with the grain of the universe.

A few weeks ago I pulled over to the side of a busy road, hiking back to the creek I had crossed a thousand times. I sat on the edge of the bridge and scribbled a poem in an old notebook I’d found in my purse. I was late to my next appointment, but I’m not sorry. I’m beginning to think these small joys are actually the big purpose. The mysterious how-to-be we spend so much time and energy and money chasing.


Grinding gears slip into place.
Tension unravels,
clouds clear,
calm within the storms.

Spring follows winter.

dandelion smiles,
cherry blossoms,
the perfect song on the radio.

nest of safe and warm,
giggling children,
a dance twitching through my limbs.

This is only a moment.




meaning everything

Thank You!


It’s important to see the beauty everywhere. Even here, at the side of the busy road… Maybe especially here.

So here’s me, praying.

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