Friday Favourites 33

This week was a bit of a departure for my blog – a little more theology and existential questioning; a little less snot and poopy diapers. To restore balance, today’s post is 80% silly and 20% preachy. You’ll see.

Bank Drama

Preschoolers make the BEST screenwriters! “I’m gonna take ALL them ten dollars!”

Video Apology

An incredibly popular post circulated on Facebook recently: a funny rant from a man about the absurdities of feminine hygiene commercials. Apparently, Richard felt misled and woefully unprepared for reality when he finally snagged himself a girlfriend. He has a point. Nothing says “welcome to PMS” like an ecstatic supermodel in a white dress frolicking in a field of flowers.

The rant was funny, but even better is this hilarious “apology” to poor disillusioned Richard.

Debate Highlights

I am Canadian. But let’s face it, our politics are boring. And what happens in the US affects the rest of us (or at least our television shows). And I have a lot of family that lives there. And twitter has A LOT to say on the subject. So, we try to say informed and felt smugly intellectual watching the town hall debate the other night. Okay, Glen watched and I checked my email, and my wordpress stats, and read through some blogs, and contemplated painting the living room, and finally went to bed (it was LATE).

But I was there, and it was on. And this is pretty much how I remember it.

Lego Reenactment

Congratulations Felix Baumgartner on being immortalized in lego… oh, and that whole supersonic-freefall-from-space thing too. But the lego thing, that’s really cool.

Soap Box

And now for the preach.

I’ve got opinions. I try not to be too obnoxious about it… well, anymore (in my late teens and early twenties, I embraced my inner know-it-all with great enthusiasm).

Last year, around this time I read some articles by Kristen Howard and she ROCKED MY WORLD. After a great deal of research and soul searching (and crying like an angry, sad, chocolate-loving baby), I decided that I could no longer support child slavery by buying chocolate (The Post You DON’T Want To Read).

It’s a real thing, not just crazy overreaction by bleeding heart hippies. Something to keep in mind when you choose what to hand out at the door this Halloween. Stick with a non-chocolate alternative or, even better, use your power as a consumer for good and buy fair trade (chocolate that is NOT made from cocoa beans picked by children who have been bought/kidnapped/forced into labour).

So here’s me, and I am also 80% silly and 20% preachy. Just ask my kids.

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