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So You’ve Had a Bad Day…

Have you ever wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over your head and cry like there’s no tomorrow? Have you prayed for a celestial fast forward? Have you asked yourself “what else could possibly go wrong” only to receive an immediate answer? Today is one of those days.

I swore to myself I wouldn’t write ANOTHER one of these woe-is-me-my-life-is-so-hard-pass-the-ativan posts. I am DETERMINED that this not become another bitchy Mommy Blog that whines incessantly,while smugly judging everyone who isn’t as busy/overwhelmed/proverbs 31-ish as myself.

But I write what I know. And Pollyanna I am not.

So tomorrow, or maybe the next day or the one after that, I will craft an eloquent post about the wonders and beauty of marriage and parenthood. Or perhaps, a challenging treatise on the state of the world. Or an exploration of theology vs. spirituality in real life. Or (more likely) a humorous anecdote about the unknown congealed substance that is perpetually decorating my shoulder (I’m actually HOPING it’s just snot).

But today, I’m writing this blog to avoid that crawl back into bed. Because it’s a hard day, and I can’t give into it. I won’t.

The cursor is blinking as I try to decide which direction to take this next paragraph. Shall I list all the many things that have gone wrong today? I can organize it into: ways I have let people down, ways people have let me down, and ways that life just doesn’t work out and there’s not even anyone to blame.

I feel like I’ve written that before (over and over and over again). I’ve certainly read it. And it’s boring, every time. And it doesn’t make anything better.

So instead, I will simply enjoy this moment. Because even on a hard day, writing is something I enjoy; something that cannot be undone or cancelled or infected by sticky-school-kid-viruses or burnt (stupid crock pot).

Most likely you are feeling worse, having read all this. But I’m feeling better. So thanks.

Today is a hard day. And I can’t muster up philosophical. And I’m not ready to joke about it. And I’m not rising up on wings like eagles. But I didn’t crawl back in to bed (yet). And that’s something.

So here’s me, if I can make it to 9 pm then I win! Tomorrow is a new day.

How Do You Find The Time?

It’s a question I’ve asked many times. I ask people who garden, people who decorate their homes, people who floss… How do you find the time?

It’s also the most frequent question I get about blogging. How do you find the time? The answer is simple.

You don’t.

Time does not spontaneously appear when you say the magic words. (Unless they happen to be “we-don’t-really-need-TSN-in-our-house”, because I’m sure my husband’s free time would grow exponentially at that point.)

Time is a limited resource, and often one that feels out of our control. I’ve always admired those buttoned up, disciplined souls who manage their time with military precision. I’m an orderly person, but trying to emulate them leaves me exhausted, cranky and desperately unhappy. Usually I find myself somewhere in the middle – enough routine to keep life moving, but margins for the unexpected (and the occasional hour of blissful uselessness).

Whether you wing it from one moment to the next, or plan your day down to the minute, we are all subject to the same limitations.

86,400 seconds

1,440 minutes

24 hours

Each day, everyday, it’s all we’ve got.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. In this day and age, we can do almost anything, but we can’t do everything!

When I choose to make something a priority, then I am going to have to sacrifice somewhere else. The older I get, the more comfortable I am with this necessity. No one has it all together – even if they look the part. Look at Martha Stewart. She has a large, talented staff and a bazillion dollars to help her get things done. But even she drops the occasional ball along the way. Her foray into white collar crime wasn’t terribly successful.

This is why my backyard looks like the set of Jurrasic Park. Who decided grass was the superior weed anyway? Dandelions are cheerful and prolific, plus my kids love them. This is also why I have boxes of pictures in the garage, not from our most recent move, but from the one before that nine years ago. I’m honestly working on the flossing thing. My brother-in-law is training to be a dentist and I don’t want him to know that I’ve had five cavities in the last year. Shhhhhh.

You don’t find time for the things that matter to you, you make it. In my busy life stage, this tends to be in bite-sized pieces scattered throughout the day. We pray in the van on the way to school. While driving, I’ve also found time to discuss important issues with my kids – like sex, work ethic, the value of money and whether American Idol is better with or without Simon Cowell. I talk on the phone while I fold laundry. I write my blog posts anytime, anywhere… there are notebooks all over my house, in my purse, in the car. I have written entire posts in blue crayon, because that was all I had at the time.

This is my very first blog post.
Written in my daughter's My Little Pony colouring book.

Right now:

Mount Clean Laundry is mocking me from atop my bed.

Life-Span in Human Development is taunting me from the kitchen table.

I can hear echoes of crucial sibling posturing in the hallway.

So here’s me, quite happily blogging away. THIS is how I find the time.

How do you find the time to do what matters to you? What are you willing to sacrifice?

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