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Nothing Left to Give

Sliver by sliver they carve off a piece of me.

From my heart. And my time. And my energy.

It’s an all you can TAKE buffet.

They need cleaning and feeding and calming and leading.

They need talks and rides and hugs and hi-fives.

He needs reassurance and affection, and he deserves perfection.

I should meditate and pray and examine all my ways.

But there is scrubbing and mopping, with no sign of stopping.

Work needs focus and insight, to get it done right.

I want to keep in touch, but it’s already too much.

There’s only so much to go around,

and I’m done.

April 017

Nothing left to give.

I distract myself with things that require nothing,

Silly books and tv and internet and food.

But they are empty and give nothing back.

I’m as depleted as ever.

Nothing left to give.

Then I notice, the people and tasks that take so much,

give so much back as well.

If I take the time to receive it.

If I slow down long enough to appreciate.

Just a little space to notice, to accept,

and I’m renewed!

A sloppy kiss, a snuggle in my arms, filling my heart with their sticky charms.

Without being asked they lend a hand, turning out better than hoped or planned.

A willing partner, a listening ear, a hand in mine and I’ve nothing to fear.

A still, small voice that whispers “peace”, not one more person I have to please.

A place to hide, my own retreat, messy but mine, and that can’t be beat.

Knowing and learning, measured success, giving purpose, letting me be my best.

Family who walk beside me, even far away. Friends to cry with and laugh and play.

There’s more than just me to go around,

and we are strong.

photo project 001

I’ve been given so much.

They aren’t my burden, they’re my blessing.

So here’s me, tired, but so grateful for my babies, and my big kids and my partner in crime.

For my faith, my home, my calling, my family and my friends.

It’s not an easy life, but it is a good one.

Friday Favourites 29

I have started, and deleted, this opening sentence a dozen times. It’s not that I can’t think of anything to say (let’s face it, that is a rare, rare thing). It’s been a busy week and there are so many topics to write about, I can scarcely begin. So I’ll touch on them all. Brace yourself, it’s a rollercoaster.

Today my son Simon would be 9. And maybe he still is. Maybe they have chocolate cake and streamers in heaven. But as much as I dream about the boy he would have become, my only memories are of the tiny infant born so early and so silently. I haven’t found time to think of him until just now. I don’t know if that is good or bad. But I still miss him. I wish he could have met his little brother, he would desperately love someone to wrestle with after school.

Last night we threw a birthday party. I lost count after 43, but I’m pretty sure it was more like 50 sweaty-faced, laughing children darting in and out of climbers and slides; stuffing bits of food into their mouths before jumping back into the current. The walls shook with each body check in the hockey game next door. The noise was tremendous. It sounds crazy, but it worked! B isn’t able to tell us which 8 friends will make the cut for her party. And all the kids at school are wonderful to her. So, we picked them all. We rented out the play centre and handed invitations out to the whole of grade 3 (and their siblings, because I’m all about getting my money’s worth). With the help of our 2 favourite babysitters, it was far less work than any of the other parties we’ve thrown this year. And so much fun!

Yesterday afternoon, we finally got our van back from the dealership. Our blue Kia has a personality. She likes to give us a hard time: engine light and spontaneous downshifting et cetera, almost always when I’m driving. But she is on her bestest behaviour for the mechanics. She hates me. I was actually thankful when she acted up for Glen too (see, I’m not making it up!). Despite her erratic behaviour, she got us where we needed to go this week and FINALLY the experts figured out her problem. She’s getting needy in her old age and perhaps she feels we haven’t been spending enough money on her. The $450 repair should keep her happy for a while. Hag.

This week has been sad, thrilling, exhausting (always), frustrating and fun… it’s a messy life. I’m still a fan.


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Oh, I hope so! Because I am definitely on the right track then.

Piece of Planet Earth

I tell myself that I should get rid of it every time I see it. But I can’t bring myself too. Even when I almost walk right into it. Even when the neighbour girl shrieks and runs away. We have the most awesome spider web at our front door. It glistens with dew drops each morning. And at night the fat stripey spider scuttles around renovating and expanding her domain. I can almost hear David Attenborough in my head as Glen and I watch her take down a giant horsefly. We called the big girls and stood and watched for a long time. Not much makes us pause anymore. So I’m grateful to her.

I tried to get a good pic of our spider, but she’s shy. This is very close to what it looks like at our front door.

I call her Charlotte in my head and imagine she’s very intelligent, but if she tries to lay eggs in my house, there will be no mercy.


Becca doesn’t do well with opening presents. It is too quick, too much new, too much pressure, just too much all around. So we decided to emulate friends and asked for donations instead of gifts. It’s handy that her Dad happens to work for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation.

In a special, sneak peek showing here’s a video about the work they do. YOU are the first to see it!

They told Edison’s Mom and Dad that he would probably never speak, may never walk… He showed them!

This video was made by my brilliant brother & sister-in-law!


Somebody’s Child is a collection of stories told from every viewpoint on adoption that you can imagine – birth parent, adoptee, adoptive parent, sibling of a foster child… I would recommend it to everyone, not just those interested in “adoption stories.” Because these are essentially human stories, full of love and brokeness and angst and growth. Each one is compelling in its own way. Each one is so different. Which is kind of the point.

Disgusting Article

30 Canned Foods You Never Knew Existed and frankly, NEVER should have. Gross!

Here is Number 1 on the list: Whole Canned Chicken

So here’s me, chicken for dinner suddenly seems less appealing.

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