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Day 3: Stillness, Meditation and Other Weirdness

Quiet is an unnatural state in our world. It is difficult to attain and nearly impossible to hold onto for long. Yet, nearly everyone can agree that it is an important part of emotional and physical health, and a vital aspect of prayer in almost every belief system. The constant noise of modern society, the clatter of opinions, the hiss of my own fears and worries, even the happy rhythm of a full life, can drown the soul.

Even now I can hear an inner voice sneering about the “hippy dippy nonsense” I’m dishing out. Maybe I am laying it on a bit thick. Maybe I wrote and deleted that paragraph several times. This stuff used to be too weird to me. Too other-worldly and nebulous. Too easily filed under “Other’ – new age, Buddhism et cetera (which at the time were not paths I respected).

It’s strange, because there is a long tradition of mindfulness and meditation in both Jewish and Christian traditions. Be still and know that I am God. At some point we’ve lost sight of the discipline of silence. There’s so much we can learn from each other.

I am no longer threatened by the practices of other belief systems. While I choose to remain in the traditions of my youth, I can appreciate and embrace goodness in all its forms. Mindfulness, meditation, even an awkward version of yoga have found their way into my repertoire. Honestly, I’m not sure it could be called yoga at this point, more like clumsy stretching.

The girls and I do Yoga with Adriene – ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners.’ At first B sat on the couch and laughed at us, but eventually she joined in too. She does a mean downward dog. It’s surprisingly hard. And relaxing.

Silence is a rare commodity in my life. Something I need to pursue and protect more. I need to turn the radio off during my commutes. And take walks in the woods by myself.

I’ve found guided meditations are helpful too. Kind of a shortcut to stillness. Especially actual physical escape is impossible.

One of my favourites is this free app – Stop, Breathe and Think. Although it is intended for teenagers (maybe because it is) our family has found it helpful. While in the hospital B would occasionally ask to listen to the “lady” when she felt overwhelmed or had trouble sleeping. It’s like auditory Prozac, soothing and disarming.

‘Relax, Ground and Clear’ is our standard pick. Ostensibly secular, yet I can’t help but experience The Divine through it. For what is God, if not the source of peaceful calmness, the energy of the earth, and the vastness of the sky?


The structured, purely-intellectual prayers I used to aspire to are of very little comfort these days. I can no longer A-C-T-S my way through a list. I am often beyond words.

Instead I sit and listen.

And sometimes I even hear the quiet.

* * *

On a lighter note… here’s a guided meditation for the dark days. For those of you who are comfortable with extreme profanity and morbid humour. Not at all family friendly.




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