Friday Favourites: Best of 2011

When I was a teenager, I loved to listen to the top 106 songs of the year on New Year’s Day. AM 106 was the coolest station in town. It was really the only station in town that didn’t play country or uber-conservative talk radio (which was referred to as “Sound Reasoning” in our home). Some years I even threw in a cassette tape and recorded it. That’s right, a cassette – ’cause I’m REALLY old. Bear in mind, this was somewhat discouraged in our house: not outright forbidden, but bad enough that I would hide these mix tapes amongst Michael W. Smith and Petra. Still, the point wasn’t flirting with naughty secular music, but reliving the year (and totally rocking out in my bedroom).

In that same spirit, I’ve decided to offer a mix of my favourite posts of the year. I haven’t been doing this long, but here are a few that I liked best.

Seepage Issues: Grief Uncovered: My only entry in the Grief category so far, though I intend to discuss miscarriage and the loss of my 2 boys more, some day. But it’s hard to go here, because pain like this doesn’t have an expiry date.

Commas: Life lessons from punctuation, because sometimes we all need to pause and take a breath.

Promise with a Capital “P”: What I wish they would have told me when my daughter was born with Down Syndrome.

The Cake: The pain and the passion… the ultimate test of love… because my husband is worth it!

Most popular posts (or at least the ones that were searched out the most):

The History of a Tantrum: for the well meaning bystander: Enough said.

The “F” Word: That’s right. Read it. I dare you.

So here’s me, snickering my way through the search terms that brought people to my site.

  • impact of the thermos in society (3 times – who knew this was such a hot topic)
  • married swingers nudists (twice! – apparently this is also my audience)
  • boy enjoying on bicycle (I’m afraid to ask)
  • dragging a child kicking and screaming (these people I understand)
  • get naked quote (well, ya)
  • chain letters suck (amen!)

What was your favourite post? Which one did you absolutely hate? ‘Cause I’m open to criticism and totally willing to block you from my site (just kidding… sort of). If you’re a blogger too, please post your “best of the year” in the comment section for everyone to read.

Happy New Year!

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I'm a bookworm, nature lover, kick-boxer, candy fiend, sci fi geek, home body, progressive Christian and part-time student. I love my crazy life and the messy, fun, stubborn, silly, brilliant people who populate it. View all posts by So Here's Us.... life on the raggedy edge.

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