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Friday Favourites 32: Search Terms

Today’s Friday Favourites are by request… a few of my favourite search terms which people have used to find their way to this blog.

They confirm my deeply held belief about humanity:

“People are weird, yo.”

don’t like me quotes – this remains my #1 search term. But I do… like you. I swear.

star wars lightsabers crossed – this is a very popular search also. And I’m dorky enough to be thrilled it leads to ME!

chubby baby, also gestational diabetes baby, chubby babies, big chubby baby, and babies with rolls – C is not thrilled that I posted that baby picture of her. But she was such a cute Buddha Baby!

I’m hard to surprise by a “search term” anymore, but what is really interesting is that these came up MORE THAN ONCE:

it’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you – I’ve read it over several times, no idea what either of you are talking about.

hipster grandpa – my Dad will be thrilled. All because of my little homage to his dumpster diving tendencies.

instruction on braiding armpit hair – I’ll have to put that one on pintrest.

merits of wearing pants – it’s a lively debate in our house. I’m glad we’re not alone.

ancient diapers – how ancient are we talking? This seems like a good time to send them to talk to their Dad.

orange vomit child, also sticky orange vomit AND best way to handle vomit-covered child – ya, really makes you want to read my blog more often.

A few more, these appeared only once, but that still seems like too many:

movie recommendation for love making – not that kind of blog dude.

oprah’s lifeclass mom doesn’t want to babys it grandkids – what the what?

girl wearing pull up in high school? – tapping into my deepest fear right now…

funny facebook pictures that are appropriate for christians – as opposed to those inappropriate ones that are GREAT for non-christians.

can my down syndrvome baby have a hair cut – yes

big girl panty harness – ummm.

is it true that christian bribes do not wearing panties at their marriage time and remain naked under wedding dress – first of all, when bribing someone to marry you, perhaps going commando is a good idea. But if we assume you mean “bride” then apparently I wasted a lot of money on my wedding day lingerie. Who knew?

you can’t restrain me with logic – right on brother!

daddy wears panties – That’s the rumor. Glen may kill me for this particular post (Underwear Crisis).

he was crazy to not wear underwear – Was he a christian bribe? Cause then it would totally make sense.

im not a hipster but i can make your hips stir lyrics – I would buy this on iTunes. For real.

So here’s me, thank you for reading; however you found me. Except for the handful of people looking for “modern day torture club”; stop reading and seek help immediately.

Seek and Ye Shall Find: Google Me

WordPress keeps track of all the terms people type into their search engine which lead them to this blog. Apparently some of my readers have found me in very UNconventional ways. Here are a few of the weirdest, silliest and most perplexing:

impact of the thermos in society

What is most amazing to me, is that this term has been used not once, not twice, but three times. Clearly, it is a hot research topic. Who knew? (Insert comment about people who have WAY too much time on their hands)

raccoon writing, raccoon from the back, raccoon story and rascal raccoon

You mention ONE raccoon ONCE and it follows you the rest of your life!

stripper punctuation matters

Of course it does. There’s nothing worse than a grammatically incorrect pole dance. Total turn off.

boy enjoying on bicycle

I’m not sure what he’s enjoying on bicycle or why. And I don’t want to know.

tax free smarties

Let us overthrow the burdensome taxation of these, our most delicious of treats. How long must we struggle under the heavy yoke of governmental greed? Smartie Eaters of the world Unite!

tattooed garbageman yonkers

What the what?

airplane vomit clean up

Sadly, this one makes sense to me.

good morning. there’s a shit in the hallway

Also this one, if you can believe it. My life is incredibly glamorous.

married swingers nudists

Ummm… this is a recurring theme when it comes to search terms. I may have written one short post about swingers and another about nudists, but it’s really not that big of a thing for me. Not my thing anyway. I’m pretty sure they’re all disappointed with what they find here. Monogamy anyone?

AND the most frequent Search Engine Term to find my blog: don’t like me quotes

They don’t like me, they really don’t like me!

So here’s me, seeing what amazing blogs I can find by typing in random words.

cayenne pepper snot dance” brought me to this sinus remedy video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtYTgR-Pmss&feature=player_embedded#!

scratch car tooth” found an interesting article on fixing car scratches with toothpaste which I may actually have to use. Sorry honey. http://lifehacker.com/5694247/use-toothpaste-to-fix-car-body-and-headlight-scratches

nose picking blanket vacation” unearthed a list of “The Most Embarrassing Travel Gear” including a blanket to use on the airplane in which only your nose sticks out (not only discouraging chatty seatmates, but for ease of picking access) http://www.independenttraveler.com/blog/?p=522

Tip: don’t use words that are in any stretch of the imagination sexy or phallic (like pickle), unless you have a really great net nanny.

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